What is sheetrock?

Sheetrock is a sort of drywall and is fabricated and a byproduct by US Gypsum Company, one of the leading providers of drywall on earth. It’s also called gypsum wallboard. Sheetrock is a combination of pure gypsum, water, and sand that’s pressed between 2 heavy sheets of newspaper. It’s a construction material that is used worldwide to develop architectural elements like walls and ceilings.

• Sheetrock can be painted or primed immediately after it’s been installed so the construction of the house or office could be continued with no delay. With plaster it requires days or even weeks to fully dry

This can provide those in the construction more time to leave the building safely in an emergency like a fire.

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If the building’s walls will be exposed to more wear and tear, then the builder can find thicker sheets of five-eights thick. If there’s a curved wall, a builder may use sheetrock that’s one-fourth inch thick. The sheets of sheetrock can be shaped as they are reasonably flexible.

Kinds of sheetrock

There are lots of unique types of sheetrock which may be used for different applications.

• Traditional-it is obviously fire-resistant but the builder can select Type-X, which can be fire-rated sheetrock. This sheetrock is enhanced with vermiculite and perlite to improve its resistance to heat and fires.

• Greenboard-this has its name from the green paper coating, which is a substance that’s moisture-proof and can be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

• Blueboard-this is the kind that a builder would select if the owners want the walls to get the appearance of plaster.

• Soundboard-this kind of sheetrock is built to block the transmission of noise between different chambers. It can be set up in many layers to be certain the levels of sound can be maintained.

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