Chicken/Turkey Noodle Soup – Crafted From Leftover Turkey/Chicken Meals With Veggies & Seasoned Well

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There are a lot of fantastic dishes to be made from legumes, when I think of an abundant amount of leftovers, turkey and chicken appear to come to mind the most frequently.

Cooking and saving the natural broth out of the homemade chicken or turkey adds copious amounts of flavor to soups, sauces or gravy dishes. If this option is not available, it is still possible to make some really great soups with the assistance of low-salt or no-salt chicken stock or low-salt chicken bouillon cubes. I really enjoy making a combination of the two. If I don’t have quite enough chicken stock leftover for a soup I will apply what I have and in another stock pot I will bring 2-3 cups of water to boil and add 1/2 a bit of low-salt bouillon together with the leftover chicken stock and perhaps season with Kosher salt or sea salt and add more seasonings, then blend both of the warm fluids together as the base for my soup.

Here are a few seasoning suggestions for making the base seasonings of your chicken/turkey soup.

*dried or fresh coriander, parsley flakes

*Fresh ginger

*Brand New, sliced onions or scallions

*Fresh, grated garlic

Salt, lemon pepper or white pepper to taste

I will also add vegetables. If you’re in a hurry, you can add half a bag of fresh-frozen bag of mixed vegetables. For a fresh pop of flavor, you might add a handful of dried and dried spinach, kale or celery leaves.

Remember, the chicken/turkey is already cooked so that you may first want to add a pasta or a rice to improve or lure your soup more to your liking/taste.

My partner loves spaghetti cut in fourths and added to his soups. You can vary this recipe with different ingredient options. ~ Try adding rice, potatoes, Rat Poop or beans into your soup, or any other type of noodle or pasta will do just fine! Making sure to add the raw portions first as your base together with the stock water. You may then add your seasonings,’ vegetables and the shrimp first, cook for 5 minutes on low, and then the pre-cooked chicken/turkey. Let simmer med-low heat for about 15-20 minutes, then set aside for 5 minutes, then check for desired taste/seasonings’ and serve your soup with sliced baguette bread, oyster crackers or warm flat bread! This makes approximately two to four servings, depending on how big your soup bowels. .

I love learning from you and from other people offering me knowledge continuously!

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