Snow Cones!

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So many taste selections to make, a lot of diverse combinations of syrups from which to select. Where do you begin? How daring do you need to be?

Some snow cones require a spoon for them to be swallowed, while others are supposed to be held to be an ice cream cone.

Skipping approximately 1,500 decades, we arrive in the snow cone’s next landmark. At that moment, hand tools, such as hand-held ice shavers, were created specifically to generate snow balls. It was not until the 1920s that this freezing treat became popular in locales like New Orleans.

By 1920, he had devised a snow cone-making machine.

This machine prompted him to invent a more tasteful and hygienic version of the popular Italian ice marketed by pushcart vendors in New Orleans. Snow balls are a favorite dessert in New Orleans ever since.

Snow cones produced in america are usually produced in the form of a ball. Nearly all Puerto Rican snow cone peddlers sell their wares from their automobiles.

Mexicans and those residing in the adjoining Texas border region consume raspados (raspas for short). The term raspar means”scratch;” the title raspado could be translated into English as”scraped ice.”

The”Rainbow,” a popular flavor, is made with three flavors which are usually chosen because of their colour and aesthetics rather than for the taste compatibility. Is something backward?) Hawaiian ice is ordinarily shaved to a nicer feel than can be found along with other snow cones so the syrup colors are kept longer and more intensely, again trying to find a better presentation. As stated at the peak of this guide, it’s not uncommon to discover a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the bottom of the paper cup.

On occasion, a snow cone enthusiast can get a little gum ball at the base of the paper cone.

But, water ice purists insist that snow cones have to be flavored after generation, in the point of sale, while taste is added to water ices as the ice itself has been made. Italian ice is a popular in Nyc.

Nonetheless, southwest of New York City sits Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with its own specialty, water ice, that is made of blending flavorings (usually fruit juices or chocolate and coffee ). A variation on the frozen dessert is gelato, popular across america.

There’s an extensive number of syrup flavorings, which may be combined for some exceptionally unusual mixtures. There are lots of normal flavors for the shy while, on the other hand, there are tastes that, when placed together in 1 cure, can grow hair on your fingernails.

Banana Bubble Gum


Blue Raspberry


Cherry Cola





Peanut Butter


Root Beer







Cream Cheese

Crème de Menthe

Dill Pickle

Egg Custard


Mai Tai




Pink Champagne


Vanilla Malt


Finger Foods

Food Platter, Cheese, Salami

Each year a block party is organized and now it was our turn to be in control of the event. This responsibility rotates from one house to the next in our small community. Our houses are stretched along a lake and the block party involves 12 homes. The host family is supposed to look after the food and beverages. This year it was determined that finger foods were to be served in the block party. I discovered this idea appealing as by serving finger foods the host family could prepare all the food beforehand and would have the ability to enjoy this annual block party visiting with our neighbors.

I discovered quite many recipes for salty and sweet finger foods in my recipe books. As our annual block party starts at 3pm and end at about 7pm we needed to offer food that was large enough to be considered a meal. Many children come to our parties as well, so we also had to provide foods that they would like.

My husband and I went to the supermarket a couple of days before the party and bought all the products we needed according to our recipes. There were breads for sandwiches and several cold cuts and cheeses. Other products we bought were for dips, spreads and salsas that would improve the choice of our finger foods.

We made the cakes and cut them in triangles and set them on trays. Apart from that, we place large plates of fresh vegetables with many dips around the gathering area. As far as sweet finger foods are concerned, I personally baked many biscuits and bars several days ahead of the event that I kept frozen until the day of the celebration. The particular children finger foods were hot dogs and ice cream on a stick.

We used streamers and balloons for decorations for the block party. Some of them were put up in the sun; others were put in the deep shade, so that any of our guests would feel comfortable. Everyone fancied the idea of moving from one area to another while having a snack in the day.

This proved to be a brilliant idea because there was more time to see as there was no set meal and individuals should not be gathered at the exact same time. The finger foods turned out to be a big hit and several guests said that they would also serve finger foods when they host the annual block party.

After the party was over the cleaning up was very easy and fast. The food which was left was quite little and easy to be stored. I believe my husband and I started a new tradition which is continued on our annual block parties.